Sigmoidoscope and proctoscope set, London, England, 1979

1979 in London
Downs Surgical Limited
Lloyd Davies Major Sigmoidoscope and proctoscope set

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Lloyd Davies Major Sigmoidoscope and proctoscope set
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Lloyd Davies Major Sigmoidoscope and proctoscope set, cased by Downs Surgical Ltd., England, 1979

A sigmoidoscope and a proctoscope are within this instrument set. They are used for routine examination of the rectum and the lower end of the colon (large bowel). The walls of the colon are kept separate by inflation with air during the examination. They are then viewed through the sigmoidoscope. Special long forceps pass through this instrument to remove small pieces for microscopic examination. The proctoscope is a kind of rectal speculum. A speculum lets a doctor view the inside of a passage or cavity of the body. The chrome plated metal set was made by Down Surgical Limited in London.


Clinical Diagnosis
Object Number:
case, plastic and instruments, metal (chrome plated)
overall: 60 mm x 460 mm x 200 mm, 2.29 kg
sigmoidoscope and proctoscope
Downs Surgical Limited