Downs Surgical Limited 1879

Manufacturer of surgical instruments

Traded in London, England starting from around the 1870/90s. Downs Surgical Ltd, which was formerly known as Down Brothers and Mayer Phelps Ltd, is a combination of two well-known surgical instrument companies. The company was a pioneer in manufacturing high quality medical instruments that specialised in ear, nose and throat surgery.

1874 - Down Bros. Ltd founded.

1879 – Downs Surgical Limited founded. St Thomas Street, Borough, London.

1894 - Down Bros. 5-7 St Thomas Street, Borough

1902 - incorporated as Limited Company - Down Bros. Limited

1948-46 - amalgamated with Mayer & Phelps

1960s – Lewis Brothers, a neurosurgical instrument firm, joined the group.

c.1980s - Downs Surgical Limited, Church Path, Mitcham Surrey incorporating Mayer & Phelps, Blyde & Gray