Staffell, Charles D. 1915 - 1999


Charles J. Staffell worked in various photographic and cinematographic roles in the film industry, for studios including MGM Pinewood and Elstree.

He was born in Middlesex on 11th April 1915.

Staffell worked in roles including back projection, process photography, optical effects, projection. His noted credits cover the period 1942-1993 on films including Brief Encounter, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Live and Let Die and Octopussy. He was awarded an Academy Award of Merit for the development of a successful embodiment of the reflex background projection system for composite cinematography in 1969.

Staffell worn a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Special Visual Effects for his work on the 1988 film War and Remembrance.

Staffell died on 12th December 1999. He was posthumously awarded the Bert Easey Technical Award in 2000.