Charles E Goad Ltd

Charles Edward Goad, born in 1848 was educated at the University of Oxford and moved to Canada shortly after graduating in 1869. Initially he worked as an engineer for railway companies before forming his own company in 1875. His plan business flourished and in 1885 he came back to the United Kingdom to establish a branch in London.

Goad’s attention to detail soon made him successful and his plans were sought after by fire insurance companies. Goad worked closely with local fire brigades in order to have the most up to date information on the types of buildings, construction materials used and the use of the buildings.

The sheets containing information of the buildings, mostly in urban centres, were bound together in volumes. The volumes would be leased to companies, rather than sold. This meant the volumes could be periodically retrieved by Goad and updated, before being returned. If the alterations were minimal a slip of paper would be used to overlay the old details with the new details of either change of use or if the old building had been replaced, along with the date of the change.