Ampex Corporation 1944

San Carlos, San Mateo county, California, United States

Ampex was established in 1944 as Ampex Electric and Manufacturing Company by Alexander M Poniatoff. The company were pioneers of multitrack magnetic tape recording equipment and video magnetic tape recording, becoming a leader in audio tape technology. Their audio tape business became obsolete in the 1990s at which point they turned to digital storage products.

In 2008, Ampex filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy which led to a reorganisation of the company to secure its financial future.

Today, they operate as Ampex Data Systems Corporation, a subsidiary of Delta Information Systems, and have two business units. The Silicon Valley unit, known internally as Ampex Data Systems, manufactures digital archiving systems. The Colorado Springs unit, referred to as Ampex Intelligence Systems, serves as a laboratory and hub for industrial control systems, cyber security products and artificial intelligence technology.