John Thomas Bellows 1831 - 1902

born in:
Liskeard, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

Developed cylindrical rapid wages calculator, and a series of concentric calculators for metric conversion.

1851 - moved to Gloucester to work as a foreman printer. 1863 - travelled to Norway to visit his sick fiancee. 1868 - produced his Outline Vocabulary for the Use of Students of the Chinese Language. 1870 - spent one month as a commissioner for the Quakers, during the Franco-Prussian War. 1872 - needing premises for his new steam printing press, he developed a site at Eastgate, Gloucester, using the excavation as an opportunity for archaeological research which led to him projecting the wall of the original Roman city walls. 1873 - produced the first pocket sized French dictionary. 1892 - accompanied an Australian Quaker to the Caucasus to aid a group of persecuted Russian pacifists. 1901 - received an honorary degree of MA at Harvard.