Associated Press 1805

News agency
born in:
New York city, New York state, United States

Came into being in May 1945, organised as a cooperative to suppply news reports of the Mexican-American War to five newspapers in New York city; May 1848 same five newspapers form Harbour News Association to operate a small fleet of newsboats gathering news from ships arriving in port; 1891 forms monopoly deals with Reuters of London, Havas of France and Wolff of Germany; 1899 uses wireless telegraph to cover the America's Cup yacht race; 1900 established formerly under New York law as a not-for-profit membership organisation; 1935 initiates WirePhoto, the world's first wire service for photographs; 1941introduces the Teletype, which transmitted directly to printers over telegraph wires; 1941 expands from print to radio broadcast news.