Shipping brand

1840 - following the award of the Egyptian mail run from the UK, the Peninsular Steam Navigation Company was renamed to include the word 'Oriental' and was generally known as P&O. 1842 - the mail contracts extended to India. 1845 - the contracts extended further east to Ceylon, Penang, Singapore and Hong Kong. 1850 - began building Keppel's Wharf in Singapore. 1852 - Keppel's Wharf inaugurated. 1859 - became the first company to carry by steamer tea from China to the UK. 1866 - the company had a fleet of 53 ships thoughout the world. 1870 - the Nubia became the first P&O ship to transit the new Suez Canal. 1896 - the company launched its first purpose-built cargo ship, the Candia. 1904 - the company first advertised a programme of 'pleasure cruises', refitting the passenger liner Rome, renaming her Vectis. 1910 - a period of rapid expansion started with the purchase of the Blue Anchor Line. 1914-1918 - the First World War saw many of the company's ships requisitioned for the war effort ending in the loss of 83 ships and 989 lives. 1920 - acquired the General Steam Navigation Company. 1923 - acquired the Strick Line making them the largest shipping company in the world. 1932 - the first cruise from Australia. 1939-1945 - during the Second World War the company's ships were requisitioned and employed as armed merchant cruisers, hospital ships and general carriers. 1958 - following the acquisition of a cold storage facility in Australia, the company launched its first tankship in order to ship frozen meat. 1974 - as passenger jets replaced liners for international travel, the company diversified, purchasing Bovis Homes Group. 1982 - the Canberra was requisitioned during the Falklands War. 1998 - P&O Stena Line was formed after the merger of P&O European Ferries (Dover) Ltd and the Dover and Newhaven operations of Stena Line. 1998-2010 - P&O Irish Sea was the trading name of P&O Ferries in the Irish Sea, eventually merged into P&O Ferries. 2000 - the cruising side of the company was demerged into P&O Princess Cruises. 2002 - P&O Ferries founded. 2003 - P&O Princess Cruises was acquired by Carnival Corporation. 2006 - the company was acquired by DP World though the name was retained and continues to operate.