Wigram and Sons Money 1843 - 1894

Blackwall, Tower Hamlets, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1843 - the shipbuilding partnership of Wigram and Green expired - the shipyard was divided down the middle. Money, Wigram & Sons retained the western half and the Greens the eastern half, later becoming R. and H. Green and Co. 1845 - Charles and Clifford Wigram (sons of Money Wigram) became partners in the firm. 1862 - Money Wigram retired. 1878 - the Green family formed Orient Steam Navigation Co., quickly dominating the Australian trade and forcing Money, Wigram and Sons into decline. 1894 - last ship sold. Allan Hughes purchased the assets, goodwill and flag of Money Wigram & Sons. The company name was changed to King Steam Navigation.

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