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1787- William Darton senior (1755-1819), set up as an engraver, printer and stationer in White Lion Alley, Birchin Lane, City of London

1788 - moved to 55 Gracechurch Street, City of London

1791 - Darton and Harvey; William Darton senior and Joseph Harvey (1764-1841) in partnership.

1804 - William Darton junior () set up at 40 Holborn Hill, London moving to 58 Holborn Hill later in the year.

1830-1836 - William Darton and Son; William Darton junior and son John Maw Darton

1836-1845 - Darton and Clark; William Darton junior rettires and John Maw Darton in partnership with Samuel Clark (1810-175)

1838-1846 - Harvey and Darton;

1845-1862 - Darton and Co

1862-1866 - Darton and Hodge

1866 - Darton and Co, move from Holborn Hill to 42 Paternoster Row