Charles Joshua Ronchetti 1790 - 1850

son of Giovanni Battista Ronchetti; Charles Joshua Ronchetti's skill was in glass-blowing and most of his instruments involved blown glass. father of John Baptist (1812-1880) and Joshua Ronchetti (active 1841-1851). Located at 29 Balloon Street, Manchester (1817); St. Anns Passage, Manchester (1829); Cateaton Street, Manchester. (1830); 43 Market Street, Manchester (1832-1841);

worked briefly with Vittore Zanetti and then on his own from 1816. Later, he sold optical and mathematical instruments. In about 1842, he opened a chemical works in Clayton, Manchester, leaving his sons, John Baptist and Joshua, to take over the scientific instrument business. They sold it to Joseph Casartelli in 1851, after he married their sister Harriet. and took over the chemical works after Charles Joshua emigrated to America.