Inc Western Electric Company 1881 - 1995

Manufacturer of electrical equipment
born in:
Chicago, Cook county, Illinois, United States

1856 - George Shawk purchases electrical engineering business in Cleveland, Ohio

1869 - partnership with Enos M. Barton; Shawk sells partnership to Elisha Gray

1872 - Western Electric Manufacturing Company formed and incorporated by Barton and Gray as business moved to Clinton Street, Chicago, Illinois

1881 - name changes to Western Electric Company when company is acquired by Bell Telephone Company

1915 - incorporated as Western Electric Company, Inc.

1995 - manufacturing arm of AT&T;

Electrical equipment and telephone manufacturer; as well as telephones WE also developed and produced sound recording and reprodcution equipment, notably the Vitaphone system in the 1920s and the Orthophonic and Westrex systems.