George Hawkins 1809 - 1852

born in:
England, United Kingdom

Hawkins, George (1809–1852), lithographer, was the son of the landscape painter and engraver George Hawkins (fl. 1795–1820). Hawkins recorded contemporary as well as historical architecture, which included bridges, churches, railway viaducts, and marine views after his own designs and those of contemporaries; his views of the Great Exhibition were published by Ackerman & Co. in 1851. His Bath from Beacon Hill (a pair with Bath from Beechey Hill, both after John Syer) is reproduced in Mackenzie's British Prints (1987). One of his most important undertakings was a series of plates in The Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire, from sketches made by W. Richardson, and with historical descriptions by E. Churton (2 vols., 1844–56).