BBC (Research Department) 1922

Technological Research and Development
born in:
United Kingdom

The BBC is constitutionally required to conduct research and development activities geared to the fulfillment of the Mission and the promotion of the Public Purposes and which aim to maintain the BBC’s leading role in research and development in broadcasting and other means for the distribution and consumption of audio, visual and audiovisual material and other content, and in related technologies. This is stated in the BBC Royal Charter and the legal agreement between the BBC and the government.

The need for research and development at the British Broadcasting Company was identified almost as soon as public service broadcasting was established in 1922.

1923: Peter Pendleton Eckersley (1892-1963) was appointed Chief Engineer in of what was then named The Development Section. The necessity for specialists in fields of research and development soon became apparent resulting in a growing team of engineers and technology developers.

Based in Research Labs in Salford and in London, the BBC continues to pioneer in research, design and engineering for broadcast and IP, collaborating with and setting the standard for research departments everywhere.