Ludwig Mond 1839 - 1909

Chemical manufacturer and industrialist
German born; British
born in:
Kassel, Kassel, Hesse, Germany

1862 - moved to England to work at John Hutchinson & Co. in Widnes. 1864 - worked in Utrecht, Holland. 1867 - began his involvement in chemical business affairs by forming a partnership with John Hutchinson. 1880 - became a naturalized British subject. 1872 - met Ernest Solvay and purchased rights to operate Solvay's process for making soda. 1888 - became president of the Lancashire Chemical Society which grew into the nationwide Society of Chemical Industry. 1891 - elected to fellowship of the Royal Society. 1908 - elected to membership of the German Chemical Society and of the Società Reale of Naples. 1909 - elected to membership of the Prussian Akademie der Wissenschaften. 1884 - moved from Winnington, Cheshire to London until his death.