Joseph Constantine Stadler 1780 - 1822


Also known as a printmaker. He settled in London in the 1780s and, since he specialized in aquatint engraving, became responsible for the successful production of many ambitious topographical works. He worked closely with Joseph Farington, who made the drawings for An History of the River Thames by William Combe, published by John Boydell (London, 1794-6; see Abbey, 1952, no. 432). For Robert Bowyer he worked on Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg's Picturesque Scenery of Great Britain (1801; see AQUATINT, fig. 1) and on many publications for Rudolph Ackermann, including Views of London (1812-22; see Adams, no. 221) and Public Schools (1816; see Abbey, 1952, no. 435). He was still active in 1822 when he engraved the 18 plates for Thomas Rowlandson's Sketches from Nature (n. d.; signed Rowlandson del 1822; see Abbey, 1952, no. 33).