Bassett-Lowke (SM) Limited 1899

Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom

1899 - company founded in Northampton by Wenman Joseph Bassett Lowke as a manuafacturing and mail order business. 1900 - the company's first catalogue appeared. 1908 - first retail shop opened in High Holborn, London. 1910 - became a limited liability company. 1911 - the company began receiving regular contracts from the Admiralty. 1965 - the company went out of business. 1966 - the company was acquired by Messrs Riley and Derry, retaining the company name. 1980’s – business acquired by Nigel Turner, a Northampton businessman, largely known for Turner's Musical Merry-Go-Round. 1992 - the name changed from Bassett-Lowkes (SM) Ltd to Turners Models Limited. 1996 - Corgi purchased the Bassett Lowke brand name and relocated the business from Northampton to Leicester, England. 2008 - Hornby acquired Corgi and continue to manufacture under the Bassett-Lowke name.