Carpenter and Westley 1808 - 1914

Globe maker,
Mathematical instrument maker,
Optical instrument maker,
Philosophical instrument maker
born in:
Birmingham, Borough of Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom

Optical and scientific instrument makers; manufactured Brewster's kaleidoscope; developed plate printing technique for manufacture of magic lantern slides.

1818 - founded by Philip Carpenter (1776-1833) in Birmingham.

1835-1914 - traded at 111 New St., Birmingham, England, and 24 Regent St. & Waterloo Place, both London, England.

1835 - company renamed Wesley and Carpenter. Mary Carpenter (w.1834-37) took over from her brother Philip Carpenter on his death, running it with Carpenter's former apprentice William Westley.

1808 - succeeded by William Carpenter.

1850-1859 - concentrated more on sales than manufacture.

1914 - ceased trading.