Sir Frederick William Maze 1871 - 1959

Civil servant,
Customs official
Irish; British
born in:
Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

1891 - followed his uncle, Sir Robert Hart, into the Chinese imperial maritime customs service. 1899 - appointed acting audit secretary at the inspectorate-general in Peking (Beijing). 1900 - during the Boxer Rebellion, was acting commissioner at Ichang (Yichang). 1929 - became inspector-general of the maritime customs service. 1932 - was a member of the national loans sinking fund commission. Created KBE. 1937 - appointed counsellor to accompany Dr Kung, envoy-extraordinary, to London for the coronation of George VI. 1943 - resigned from the service on health grounds. 1944 - made KCMG. 1948 - moved to Victoria, British Columbia, in Canada. 1955 - along with his wife, was a founder member of the Victoria branch of the English-Speaking Union.