Jules Richard

Traded at 25, Rue Melingue, 25 Paris (1909?)

Jules Richard (1848-1930) was a second generation instrument maker, the son of Félix Richard and nephew of the electrical instrument maker Gustave Froment. Jules was trained partly in his father's workshop in Paris and then with several other craftsmen, including a clockmaker. During the 1870s he worked in the manufacture of telegraphy equipment. He is said to have collaborated at this early period with E. J. Marey, the experimental physiologist who devised electrical and photographic recording techniques. Returned to family business in 1876 following the death of his father. In 1882 he formed a partnership with his younger brother Max, as Richard Frères, and although this was dissolved in 1891 the 'RF' monogram was retained as the firm's symbol. Noted for design of scientific barometers in 1880s. The success of the recording barometers lead to the rapid extension of the design to other forms of scientific and industrial recording, including thermometers, pyrometers, anemometers, dynamometers, chronographs, various forms of electrical measuring, and so on. Richard enregistreurs achieved enormous success during the 1880s. At same time specialised in production of stereoscopic camera equipment, producing cameras and viewing equipment from 1893 into the 1930s. Having been personally owned and managed by Jules Richard for thirty years, in 1921 the business became a public company.