George Raleigh Gray Worcester 1890 - 1969

Chinese sailing vessel expert,
Model maker advisor,
River inspector

1914 - served in submarines for the Royal Navy. 1919 - following World War I, employed as the River Inspector for China’s Maritime Customs Service. 1941 - forced to retire following the Japanese occupation of Shanghai’s International Settlement. 1943 - interned in a POW camp along with Shanghai’s other resident Allied nationals, inclduing his wife. 1945 - briefly returned to the Customs Service Statistical Department in Shanghai. 1949 - following the communist occupation of Shanghai, he moved to Hong Kong. 1954-1961 - served as Honorary Editor of the Mariner's Mirror. 1966 - published Sail and Sweep in China: the history and development of the Chinese junk as illustrated by the collection of junk models in the Science Museum.