Caroline Twigge Matthews 1878 - 1927

born in:
United Kingdom

1903 - graduated from Edinburgh Medical College for Women; served, mostly in Europe;

1905 - published 'Hints by a Lady Doctor';

1908 - served during the Messina Earthquake in Italy, and with the Italian Red Cross;

1912-13 - during Balkan War was war correspondent for the Sphere, and held the rank of surgeon in the Montenegro army; awarded a medal for her services;

1914 - joined the Serbian armv, and when it retreated remained in charge of the military hospital at Uzsitsi, being taken prisoner by the Austrians and imprisoned in Belgrade;

1916 - 'Experiences of a Woman Doctor in Serbia' published by Mills and Boon, recounting her journeys through Serbia with the Scottish Women’s Unit, her time as a Prisoner of War and her journey back to London in 1915;

1916 - contributed an article 'In the hands of the enemy' to the Sphere;

from 1918 - After WW1 spent much time in travelling, chiefly in India;