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Original sound recording on 1/4 inch reel-to-reel magnetic audio tape, recorded by John Burnie on 13 August 1964. Handwritten note enclosed: Terminus Glasgow’s terminal stations. Dull, dry 13 August 1964. Central. 0-12 11.19 electric M.U leaves station for the inner circle. 12-27 12.25 to Wemyss Bay leaving plat 12 behind 80061 the train emerges from beneath the echoing roof passes the microphone and [starts] off across the bridge. 27-39 Electric M.U departing for [Hellston?] with the 12.36. 40-57 73061 [Propels?] the coaches of the 1.5 to Gourock into plat 13. 57-78 Out of plat 12 comes the 12.50 to Gourock being 73075. 78-89 While D215 comes right into the station, the 80060 enters plat 12 with the 1.0 from Gourock. 89-95 80086 backs down into plat 12 96-112 73061 leaves plat 13 on 1.5 for Gourock while a diesel waits in the bay. 112-135 While an electric M.U leaves the station, 80086 passes on the 1.20 to Gourock from plat 12 a diesel M.U enters 13, then 80066 leaves light. 135-145 80066 leaves the station light. 145-159 80110 takes a train of empty stock out of the station St Enoch. 160-209 73063 leave on 2pm to Carlisle hardly has the train 9[entered?] the Clyde bridge when D[sl?] leaves, to the accompaniment of a ‘staff announcement’. 209-253 80024 leaves with coaches ex 11am Carlisle 253-264 44726 leaves light. Buchanan street. 264-308 A gaggle of ‘enthusiasts’ watches the 3.15pm for Dundee wave behind 45313 while 45214 simmers 2 platforms away

Original sound recording 'Terminus Glasgow’s terminal stations'