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Account book of Frederick Evans' "Petty Disbursements", 1846 to 1858. Frederick Evans worked for "Sir William Burnett's Patent", supplying and laying sleepers and track for railway companies. The first page is titled "Petty Disbursements commencing April 13th 1846 Station of Sir William Burnett's Patent Bennett's Bridge Ireland County Kilkenny and at New Ross County Wexford." The account book details his expenses in Ireland, at Bennett's Bridge, County Kilkenny, and at New Ross, County Wexford, from the day of his departure from London on 13 April 1846 to the day of his return to Greenwich on 18 January 1851. The subsequent account from 19 August 1851 to 5 June 1852 details expenses during work at Fulbourn Station in Cambridgeshire. There is then an account for a brief return visit to New Ross in early August 1853, followed by an account for further work at Fulbourn from 20 October 1853 to 15 April 1854. The book also contains some pencil copies of letters written by Mr. Evans, and a letter and account notes for work at Millwall in September 1858. The book was also turned round and used from the back. The back page is marked "Frederick Evans Senior - His Book of hard Names." It contains a rough account of chloride taken from store at New Ross on 9 January 1947, a copy letter, and rough accounts of prepared timber in 1847, sleepers prepared at Fulbourn in 1853, an account sent to Messrs. Reid of Glasgow, and accounts of sleepers received from Woking and Back Crawley and sleepers "prepared, unloaded and slacked" in February and March 1857. The book also contains a loose letter from Frederick Crews at Sir William Burnett's office to Evans at Fulbourn, dated 3 May 1852, and a loose note of items bought from a public works sale of working stock on 1 September 1848. 11.4567 x 7.2441 in.

Account book of Frederick Evans' "Petty Disbursements"