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Series of A4 sheets of paper in plastic envelope marked ‘Emily Lawson: Data and Operational Info’: stapled A4 print out of ‘14a COVID-19 – SAR CoV-2’ dated 12 February 2021, 24 pages, from COVID-19: the Green Book with hand written note ‘from Matt Jolly 23rd Feb at 14.00’, tea-stained handwritten notes ‘data and operational information and onboarding of volunteers’ with post-it notes, handwritten flowchart of vaccinators on HM Government notepaper from COVID Operations Committee meeting 73, 20 November 2020, typed notes on the ‘Development of vaccine deployment strategy: delivering the vaccines to the over 80s’, handwritten flowchart on vaccine movement through ambient temperature transfers, handwritten notes on vaccine roll-out in Primary Care Networks, Hospital Hubs and Vaccination Centres, handwritten bar graph of first doses by week with current second doses outstanding (graph dated between 8 March 2021 and 7 June 2021, handwritten bar graph of those who had first dose in week commencing 15 March with second dose within 11 weeks, handwritten bar graph of when people had their second dose after receiving their first dose in week commencing 15 March, handwritten bar graph regarding first doses and second doses (between day 49 and day 65), 3 handwritten bar graphs of showing first doses between 15 March and 7 June 2021 second doses between 31 May and 26 June 2021 and second doses due on 14 June, handwritten draft bar graph for first dose pattern, handwritten bar graph ‘Reconciliation of totals for a day’, handwritten graph cumulative doses, draft chart 2nd doses AZ by cohort by day, printed ‘Director report Primary Care Support Services’, dated March 2021, with a black line from corner to corner, handwritten draft of ‘Sensitivity Analysis’, draft base line slide for doses from 8 December onwards, handwritten to-do notes; handwritten chart about eligible groups and possible vaccination channels, late 2020-early 2021, from the offices of NHS England at Skipton House, London, and associated with developing the strategy and monitoring the progress of the COVID-19 mass vaccination programme in England, 2020-2021.

Notes and sketches on COVID-19 vaccine delivery