Object type
personnel; reorganisations; Beeching closures; privatisation; trade unions; BRB; father's railway career, passenger guard; pincer clerk, Leverton; clerical work; porter, trainside duties, signal lampman; clerical duties, Cottam, Torksey; fraud; goods and passenger work; conditions, hours, shifts; office furniture; village role of station master and clerk; probation period; LNER superannuation fund; relief clerk, Traffic Manager's office, Lincoln; Grimsby, Spalding, Nottingham, Newark; conditions; travel allowance; lodgings; digs with railway families; clerk, 1959, Traffic Manager's office; relief signalmen; signalboxes; personnel work, Lincoln District staff office; redundancies, Beeching closures; merging traffic management offices; amalgamation of regions; Head of Personnel, Sheffield District Manager's Office; staffing of area management schemes; resignalling schemes; Woodhead line closure; staff consultation; Sectional Councils; relationships with trade unions; promotion to Leeds District Manager's Office; 1983, reducing management tiers from three to two; elimination of Divisions; staff consultation; implementation; new regional organisation; services for traffic, civil engineering, signal engineering; divisional level work; close listing jobs; assisting Area Managers; Employment Relations Officer, York, 1986; introduction of driver-only operations; Employment Relations Manager, 1987; industrial tribunal, militant driver at King's Cross; elimination of regions; Paddington, Railway Operations Manager, business organisation; train crew agreement, guards for driving duties; racial discrimination, Paddington, safety; privatisation; Business Personnel Manager, BRB; trade union headquarters; negotiation machinery; joint consultation, Vessey Agreement, Footplate Staff Promotion and Transfer; retirement, recall; new operating companies; national TU meetings. d.o.b. 1940-12-03, railway work 1956-1994, Lincoln; Doncaster; Woodhead; Leeds; York. 3.1496 x 2.8346 x .315 in.

Vessey, John