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800 feet metal reel, colour, silent footage. Reel starts with aerial shots of Sydney, Australia (view of Sydney Opera House - start of construction 1959, completed in 1973) ; black frames ; sunrise or sunset/night shots ; window view on board of train ; airport with Austrian Airlines planes ; shots taken through plane window showing sun, clouds and montains ; various views of Syndney shot from street level, Syndey bridge, including shots from parc behind Opera House showing cranes (Opera in construction), street/road view ; in parc ; shots through plane window, landing and taking off (leaving Sydney?) Part 2 (after white leader): shots taken in Gibraltar, streets, views of the sea, house/architecture ; street, man with snakes (snake charmer?) ; shots taken from boat, filming Gilbraltar from sea ; Part 3 (film cut, no splice): Gilbraltar, view from sea/boat ; Cliff on Gibraltar, monkeys, group of people looking at a monkey Part 4 (film cut, no splice): shot taken through plane window, Gilbratar landing? ; BEA (British European Airways) plane at airport, group of people gathering ; shots of a hotel ; group of pople (tourist) visit Gibraltar (streets) ; Part 5 (film cut, no splice): railway, filmed from lineside, locomotive 1665 passing, hauling carriages, with people travelling inside opened freight wagons ?; shots taken on board train, window view plus view at back of the train of single line tracks

Original 16mm amateur film 'Australia, BEA Gibraltar, Railway Cynheidre'

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