“A few of the letters of sympathy and others written to Brumas which I feel you might like to read”

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Purvis Archive
Purvis, Tom (1880-1957)
Purvis, Jane

containing biographical information about Purvis collected by Jane as research for art historian Bevis Hillier’s unpublished biography entitled “King of the Hoardings”, including: 20 letters of sympathy to Jane; 17 letters to Purvis; 8 letters from museums enquiring about Purvis’ work after his death; 8 pages of notes handwritten by Jane about Purvis on Airmail paper; 21 pages of typed notes written by Jane containing anecdotes on Purvis’ life; 4 typed copies of ‘Fragments of Chapter Headings’ for Tom Purvis biography 17 letters to and from Jane requesting and containing information about Purvis for help with his biography; 1 letter from G Thompson of Blackpool Pleasure Beach containing photocopies of letters and note by Purvis about his work for Blackpool Pleasure Beach sent to Jane for help with the biography; 17 pages (1st chapter) of the unpublished biography


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