Copies of pages from the RPSAG website

The sub-fonds is one box of papers arranged into nine bundles. A digital copy of records is available on CD disk.

The RPSAG website (no longer available online) was aimed at attracting support for the group. It represents the aims of RPSAG as a group and also includes viewpoints of former Railtrack shareholders. It was launched in 2001 and was removed from the internet on 7 Feb 2009. It received 54588 hits between 2003 and 2005.

The website contained some core records such as the Report of the Committee and financial statements which are absent from RPSAG/3. Pages describe the key motives and issues the group faced, for example ‘FAQ’ pages and ‘your views’ pages. Other pages explain the history of the group and lay down the chronology of main events in its history. Records also include sample letters that were sent to shareholders as part of the campaign which are also contained in part in RPSAG/3.

The website is not in its original format, for example links between pages no longer work therefore some context of how the website operated is lost. Some of this structure is still visible in digital copies of records held on the CD disk.


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System of Arrangement:
The original order of the records was difficult to ascertain as they were not arranged in the original structure of the website. The copies have therefore been arranged into five series that reflect the types of record that made up the site.

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