This series consists of original records of RPSAG. This series is made up of 5 boxes containing 16 bundles. These are made up of printed A4 pages, newspaper cuttings and manuscript documents. It also contains one USB drive.

Records were gathered by the group during the run up to and after the court case. They document how the group communicated with its members and also record the PR activities the group carried out in order to gain support and funds. The collection includes communication relating to how the group represented themselves in court. Records include correspondence from shareholders expressing their views about the campaign and letters that had been received from their MPs. The records also include newspaper cuttings that cover the activities of the group.

The archive contains a large amount of email correspondence. The printed emails form part of a string of communication, some of which is broken when records have been printed. Much of the correspondence is received by one individual (the Honorary Secretary) with other individuals copied into the communication. Therefore it is not always clear at what stage individuals are entering into a conversation and what replies may have been generated. This means that some context is lost.


5 boxes
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