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Lexington Communications, a PR company, was employed by the Agricultural Biotechnology Council, a pro-GM UK lobby group. The collection comprises of 4 display panels about how to influence the right stakeholders; 5 pages of flipchart notes on discussion, press cuttings, BASF media material; Crop Protection Association media material; the following booklets: CropLife: Guidelines for the safe and effective use of crop protection agents; Agricultural Biotechnology in the UK; Sustainable Arable Farming: Enhancing arable biodiversity; Freedom to innovate: biotechnology in Africa's development; Sense about science: Making Sense of GM; Syngenta: going for growth; Panton and Marc-Hartwich: Science vs. superstition - the case for a new scientific enlightenment.; the following publications: Bridge and Johnson: Feeding Britain; All-Party Parliamentary Group on Science and Technology in Agriculture; Agricultural Biotechnology Europe: What's in it for you?; 2 video cassettes; 2 audio mini cassettes, 2 audio minidisks; Bayer - CD ROM: The CEVAS Distance Learning Programme; Agricultural Biotechnology Europe CD ROM: ABE Farmers Trip; CD ROM: Biotechnology in Europe: the right to choose; FANRPLAN CD ROM: The case of Malawi; Agricultural statistics in your pocket 2008 booklet.


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