Affidavits supporting Harvey's appointment as manager

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Letters from Henry Harvey to Richard and Jane Trevithick
Harvey, Henry

Harvey requests Trevithick to call on Reynolds. Harvey confirms receipt of an affidavit from Ellis objecting to Reynolds' appointment but feels that it is goes insufficiently far as it fails to mention Mr Reynolds' interests in rope making and his 1/8 share in Portreath which are activities in common with Harvey's foundry. Harvey considers an affidavit from an unconcerned person would be beneficial and in asking Trevithick for any recommendations, makes mention of a Mr Borlase of Camborn. With regards to Trevithick's bankruptcy, Harvey states that Trevithick will not get his certificate signed unless he provides a list of private debts prepared by Mr Kitty and instructs Trevithick to search his papers for it; the only other route to a certificate would be by aplication to the Lord Chancellor. The final paragraph refers to a visit to the Mint and briefly discusses the number and effectiveness of "Wolfs" engines in use.


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