London & North Eastern Railway s.s. "Malines", Escape from Rotterdam and the evacuation from Dunkirk (Operation Dynamo). Master's Letters/Reports: 12th May to 11th June, 1940. --Covering period 26th April to 2nd June 1940

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Papers of Captain George Gibson Mallory
Mallory, Captain George Gibson

Michael Mallory's book contains typed copies of the 22nd May 1940, 12th May 1940, 26th May 1940, 2nd June 1940, 9th June 1940 and 11th June 1940. Additional photocopies of: 31st May 1940 (Sir Charles Barrie), 13th June 1940, 31st May 1940 (Board of Directors), 14th June 1940, newspaper cutting 25th August 1945 (Harwich & Dovercourt Standard). An extract from John de S. Winser’s book Short Sea: Long War and a copy of a letter from the tug captain responsible for bring the Malines part of the way back to England. The back cover as three photocopied images of the Malines. The book contains numerous typed copies of Captain Mallory’s correspondence with both the authorities ashore and his wife. Not all of the letters have been copied completely; many have sentences missing. Whether this is due to miscopying of the original correspondence, or through deliberate omission is unknown. There are numerous footnotes in the book, elaborating on some of the points raised in the correspondence.


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