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Papers of Cuthbert Grasemann
Grasemann, Cuthbert

13 items. Printed material of various kinds, including three booklets relating to railways of Northern France in the Second World War: 'Extract from General Regulations For Signals on the Northern Railway of France', and 'Railway Operating Division. Distances and Running Times', both with Grasemann's signature on their covers. The booklet 'Extract from General Regulations Concerning Breakesmen on the Northern Railway of France', has Grasemann's nautically-themed 'Ex Libris' sticker on the verso of the inside cover, and is annotated as being issued to troops during the First World War. The series also contains a copy of engineering publication on E-Curves, 'Anleitung für das Vermessen von E-Kurven'. Bearbeitet von Verm. A. 19. (Ausgegeben am 15.5.18.), Brussels Druckeri des Generals-Gouvernments; publications containing articles by, or referring to, Grasemann; images that may be drafts for advertisements, and a poster and menu card: the last two are annotated.


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Second World War (1939 1945), Engineering, Advertising and First World War

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