Pack of largactil suppositories, London, England, 1970-1985

1970-1985 in Dagenham
May and Baker Limited
1x5x100mg pack of largactil suppositories (chlorpromazine

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1x5x100mg pack of largactil suppositories (chlorpromazine
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1x9x100mg pack of largactil suppositories (chlorpromazine hydrochloride), by May and Baker, 1970-1985

Schizophrenia and acute psychotic states are among disorders treated by ‘Largactil’. This is the brand name for chlorpromazine hydrochloride, an antipsychotic drug. It is known in the US as Thorazine. It is one of the oldest drugs of this type, first prescribed in the mid-1950s. Chlorpromazine hydrochloride can be administered in different forms. These include injection, suspension, tablet, or by suppositories such as these. It has a sedative effect without causing stupor or confusion. It also has an antidepressant effect. It can treat severe anxiety. However, it can have serious side effects. The patient must be weaned off the drug slowly. This pack of 100mg Largactil suppositories was manufactured by May and Baker Limited.


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overall: 40 mm x 80 mm x 20 mm, .03kg
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