Seed fiddle

Seed fiddle

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Seed fiddle
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Seed fiddle

The seed fiddle, by mechanising the process of broadcast sowing, gave a more controlled and even spread than hand broadcasting. They may still be used for seeding odd bits of land or corners of a field which the tractor-dawn seed drill cannot reach.

The seed, carried in a container slung from the shoulder, drops through a gate oscillated by crank action non to a disc that is spun rapidly by a bowing movement of the leather cord. By slacking this cord on the return stroke of the bow the operator is able to keep the disc spinning always in a same direction.

The extent to which the gate opens ma be adjusted to suit various types of seed. It is also possible to shut the gate completely when desired.


Agricultural Engineering
Object Number:
wood (unidentified), metal (unknown), textile and paint
overall: 250 mm x 835 mm x 410 mm, 1.996 kg
seed fiddle
Presented by Major the Rev. Phillip A. Wright, M.B.E.