DD42 bus

1953 in Gorton

Crossley double decker 42/7 bus, 1953, Crossley body, registration no. HET 513.

The Crossley DD42 was produced from 1946 to 1953, however its design’s origin lay prior to the Second World War. Crossley’s chief designer, W. C. Worrall, had started work on a new engine in 1938. Due to a bout of tuberculosis he was sent to Switzerland where he saw the new direct injection cylinder head. He quickly sought permission to use it and by 1943 three prototype engines and two new chassis had been prepared. Once the Second World War was over production could start again and the first deliveries of the DD42 went out in 1946. However DD42 was to be Crossley Motors swansong as it merged with AEC in 1948.


Road Transport
Object Number:
asbestos, oil (unspecified), metal (unknown), glass and plastic (unidentified)
overall: 4350 mm x 2286 mm x 8200 mm, 8230 kg
double decker bus
British Rail, Clapham