"C 90" Memorex cassette, high bias, one of two, 1980

"C 90" Memorex cassette, MRx3 oxide, one of two, as available commercially, 1980.

Memorex C90 Oxide high quality ferric cassette tape wound to C90 length, so 45 minutes per side, with Type I / Ferric tape. These tapes were commercially available in the 1980s, both as pre-recorded tapes and tapes that could be recorded. Casette tapes of this type could be listened to on "boom box" sound systems through loudspeakers; on Walkmans and other portable music devices which could listened to with headphones; and in casette players in cars.

Repeated plays could cause the casette tape to become entangled in the playing mechanism. This could be fixed by using a pencil to roll back the tape head and so return the casette tape to the plastic casette.


Sound Reproduction
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