Frank Gallagher's Jacket from Channel 4's 'Shameless'

2003-2013 in unknown place
Dark green jacket .worn by David Threlfall used in the making of shameless tv series..Straight on view on a white

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Dark green jacket .worn by David Threlfall used in the making of shameless tv series..Straight on view on a white
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Dark green Parka style jacket worn by the character Frank Gallagher in the Channel 4 series 'Shameless'. Frank Gallagher was played by David Threlfall.

Frank Gallagher’s costume appeared scruffy and unwashed. Much of the show’s plot is centered around his attempts to avoid responsibility for his chaotic and often illegal actions. He was normally seen in a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, an open-fronted shirt and parka jacket. This fitted in with his unshaved face and floppy greasy hair. The show was produced by Company Pictures, the costumes were sourced and created by their costume department led by Jo Slater.

In Episode 8 of Series 9 Frank loses his precious jacket during a blackout and reveals that he stole the jacket from a man on the bus. Frank mourns the loss as it had become an integral part of his identity having worn it at key times in his life, including both the conception and birth of his daughter Fiona. This jacket replaces his lost original.

The television show Shameless, originally created by Paul Abbott, was loosely based on what he described as his ‘sub-working class’ upbringing in Burnley. It follows the fortunes of characters living on the fictional Chatsworth Estate in Manchester, centering on the Gallagher and Maguire families. The show uses humour to explore social issues including life on benefits, crime and alcoholism. It is an interesting and lively portrayal of life in Manchester at the start of the 21st century.

Shameless was made in Manchester from 2003 until 2013. The show was produced by Company Pictures and broadcast on Channel 4. It first aired in January 2004. In total 139 episodes were made over 11 series. Shameless was originally filmed on location in West Gorton, but in 2007 the production moved to a purpose-built set at the Roundthorn Industrial Estate in Wythenshawe. The sets and props were either sourced or created by the production companies’ art departments. The costumes were sourced by the costume department led by Jo Slater.

The show has won and been nominated for multiple awards, including BAFTAs, International Emmys and National Television Awards. It has been broadcast in countries such as Brazil, Israel and Finland. It has also been remade for American television. Shameless helped to launch the careers of actors James McAvoy, Maxine Peake and Anne-Marie Duff.


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