Magnetic audio tape 1/4" 'H'chief game at Milee station, etc.'

1958-1964 in Greece
John H L Adams
Patrick Bruce Whitehouse

BBC Recording service label, Ref. No. KLO 62880, Reel No. 3 ; Take 1: H'Chief game at Milee station ; Take 2: Train leaving Milee station (3.15 pm) ; Take 3: For Volos crossing bridge (students singing) ; Take 5: Sounds in streets of Volos ; Take 6: A. Fish market, B. Street behind harbour, horses and larts crossing railway line in street / Note: this could correspond to sound recordings of Pelion railway, a Greek railway connection the city of Volos with the town of Mileai in Greece (AB, 21/11/2016) / Location: Greece

This audio tape is part of a collection of original un-edited audio recordings made between 1960 and 1965 by John Adams and Patrick Whitehouse for the BBC radio programme Railway Roundup. It is part of the larger Railway Roundabout collection donated by the makers of the programme, John Adams and Patrick Whitehouse. They produced films on contemporary British and foreign railways for the BBC Children's programme 'Railway Roundabout, broadcast monthly between 1958 and 1962 on BBC Television. The commentary was created and broadcast live, so the original films in the collection are silent. The Railway Roundabout collection includes the original masters and prints of Railway Roundabout programmes as well as other films (non-Railway Roundabout) made by the John Adams and Patrick Whitehouse and a small number of films made by others.