Michael Faraday 1791 - 1867

Natural philosopher,
Scientific adviser
born in:
Surrey, England, United Kingdom

1805 - indentured for seven years to Riebau as an apprentice bookbinder

1813 - became laboratory assistant at the Royal Institution

1821 - discovered electromagnetic rotations

1825 - discovered a new compound of hydrogen and carbon which he named bicarburet of hydrogen later renamed benzine

1826 - establiashed the Christmas lectures for children at the Royal Institution

1829 - secured the professorship of chemistry at the Royal Military Academy

1831 - discovered electromagnetic induction

1836 - built what is now known as the ‘Faraday cage’

1842 - accepted membership of the Prussian order of merit

1855 - accepted membership of the French Légion d'honneur

1866 - received the Albert medal from the Society of Arts