Marc Francois Louis Secretan 1894 - 1867

Scientic instrument maker
born in:
Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

until 1844 - professor of mathematics at Academy of Lausanne;

1840 - worked with Friedrich von Martens and Samuel Heer producing daguerreotypes;

1844 - moved to Paris;

1845 - partnership with Lerebours as Lerebours & Secretan; used joint name until 1880s and beyond.

1855 - after retirement of Noel Paymal Lerebours became sole proprietor of Lerebours and Secretan, and signed himself as "Maison Lerebours et Secretan / Secretan, Successeur" and as "Opticien de S.A.M. l'Empereur." He also did work for the Paris observatory.

after 1860 - Secretan also issued catalogs as sole proprietor after 1860

Collaborated with William Eichens, designer of telescopes.

1860s - worked with Foucault, improved silvering techniques.

1867 - succeded by his son, Auguste Secretan (1833-1874) and nephew, Georges Secretan (1837-1906 )

1874 - succeded by his cousin, Georges.

c. 1900 - succeded by Paul Victor Secretan

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