Henry Maudslay 1771 - 1831

Optical instrument maker,
Philosophical instrument maker, mathematical instrument maker,
Science lecturer
English; British
born in:
Woolwich, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1789 - at the age of 18, working for Joseph Bramah, Maudslay devised and constructed the machines capable of producing the precisely designed parts for his new form of lock.

1794 - designed a new form of slide rest for the lathe.

1798 - following a wages dispute, he left Bramah to set up his own business.

1800 - designed and made block making machines for mass production for the royal dockyard at Portsmouth.

1805 - took out a patent for machinery to print patterns on cotton fabrics.

1807 - patented an arrangement of a steam engine, which became known as a ‘table engine’.

1829 - became a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers.