George Stephenson 1781 - 1848

Colliery and railway engineer
English; British
born in:
Wylam, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom
Hetton Colliery

1799 - began to learn to read and write in his spare time.

1801 - appointed ‘brakesman’ at the Dolly pit at Black Callerton.

1804 - moved to Killingworth following his appointment as brakesman to the West Moor colliery engine.

1814 - the Blucher constructed at the West Moor colliery.

1815 - prototype 'Geordie' safety lamp was tested at Killingworth.

1821 - recruited to the Stockton and Darlington Railway project.

1829 - first trial of The Rocket.

1830 - decided to retire completely from active work though still acted as consultant engineer on most railway projects.

1835 - received knighthood from Leopold I of Belgium.

1838 - elected vice-president of the mechanical science section of the British Association.

1847 - became president of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.