Ackermann and Company 1764 - 1834

German; British
born in:
Saxony, Germany

Rudolph Ackermann, bookseller, lithographer and publisher and inventor; born Schneeberg, Saxony 10 April 1764; moved to Paris then London in 1795 to 96 Strand and opened a drawing school; 1796 began to publish lithographs; 1797 moved to 101 Strand (known as ‘The Repository of Arts’ from 1798); 1827 ‘Repository of Arts’ at 96 Strand; business also known as Ackermann & Co; patented method of making cloth and paper waterproof in 1801; patented Ackermann steering geometry (linkage system for steering vehciles) in 1818; one of first in London to light his premises with gas. naturalised British 1809