Kendal & Windermere Railway 1845 - 1879


Authorised on 30 June 1845, opened from Oxenholme to Kendal on 22 September 1846 for passengers and 4 January 1847 for goods. At first the L&NWR supplied stock and engines via the L&CR but from summer 1850 the line was worked under a private contract. The company assumed control in November 1851 but made such a poor showing that the LN&CR lost patience and ceased to wait for late connections. The company eventually agreed to be leased in perpetuity to the L&CR with effect from 1 May 1858, ratifed by the Act of 13 August. By then the L*CR was itself leased to the L&NWR and both companies retained their identities until dissolution and vesting on 21 July 1879.