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footplate, number taker, cleaner, driver; dieselisation; locomotives; father's railway work; LNER, Blaydon Goods Station, shed; show trains, 1939; numbertaking; Second World War; engine cleaner; fireman; wartime conditions, tender sheets; goods, passenger trains; rosters; Riccarton Junction, Alston; colliery workings; types of locomotive J21 (0-6-0), G5 (0-4-4 tank), V1/V3 (2-6-2 tank), J39 0-6-0, Q6 0-8-0, Austerity 2-8-0; coal trains, Darlington; Blaydon Shed, conditions; fire watching; marriage; wife's work on railway; coal shortage, Riding Mill; bombing of New Bridge Street Goods Depot; living conditions; exploding shells at Hexham Yard; Heaton Shed, 1945; goods trains, Green Arrow; conditions after 1945; firing techniques; progression to larger engines; routes, learning signals; staff relations, shedmaster; supervision duties; trade union; express passenger link; diverting Edinburgh train; Dalkeith banker; pilot; passed fireman, 1947; qualifying as a driver; route learning; spare link; royal train, Princess Margaret; royal train night stop; Cock of the North, P2 2-8-2, coal consumption; driving skills, techniques; routes to Leeds, Edinburgh; diesel electric locomotives, types of engine, Sulzer, Brush, Deltic, Type 2; training for diesels; Newcastle to Berwick training; faults; difficulties with Deltics; knowledge of diesel multiple units (DMU); spare link men, South Gosforth Depot; conditions (hours), Deltic; Tyne Yard, 1963; new marshalling yard; construction of Tyne Yard; routes covered; goods trains, speed limit, effect on routes worked; Teeside, Tees Yard, shipment traffic; types of diesel locomotive; seed potato trains, Scotland; local working in Tyneside area; Clayton Type 1 locomotive, features for driver; management relations, death of father; fatality at Brampton; incidents; preference for steam; retirement; death of wife, 1988. d.o.b.1921-01-15, railway work 1939-1984, Newcastle; London North Eastern Railway (LNER). 3.1496 x 2.8346 x .315 in.

Hall, Albert