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Oral history interview with David Wharton-Street, conducted and recorded by Michael Lee at the interviewer's home in Hertfordshire on 28 June 2019. Duration: 3 hr. 38 min. 43 sec. Early career; Acting Director Regional Railways North East (RRNE) 1990; British Railways Board Safety Department 1993; Safety & Standards Department; Railtrack secondment 1994; sectorisation; proposed closure of Settle & Carlisle line 1993; DalesRail trains deal; Friends of Settle & Carlisle; management of Settle & Carlisle route; Operational Research Computerised Allocation of Tickets to Service (ORCATS); Accountancy and Passenger Ticket Issuing System (APTIS); Portable Operated Ticket Issuing System (PORTIS); Class 47; Class 15x Sprinters; Ribblehead Viaduct repair; closure process; infrastructure maintenance issues; Hellifield signalbox; Serpell Report; Bob Reid 1; Jim O’Brien; Settle & Carlisle put up for sale; West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (WYPTE); closure situation overview development of ORCATS; Computer Analysis of Passenger Revenue Information System (CAPRI); Monopolies & Mergers Commission (M&MC); Profit Planning & Cost Centre Analysis (PP&CCA); Accounting and Expenditure Information System (AXIS); development of Sector Accounting and Monitoring System (SPAMS); Local Vehicle Record System (LOVERS); Rail Vehicle Record System (RAVERS); sectorisation and structural change; Frank Paterson; David Rayner; RRNE management team; Mark Causebrook; David Prescott; Charles Devereux; Don Jary; RRNE after Organising for Quality (OfQ); Track Access Development Team; electrification; track cost allocation; financial penalties; prime user; costing; privatisation and timescales; safety; Safety Critical Staff Protocol

David Wharton-Street interviewed by Michael Lee

Oral Histories


Oral history interview with Michael Lee, conducted and recorded by David Wharton-Street (session1) at the interviewee's home in Hertfordshire on 15 May 2019. Duration: 2 hr. 53 min. 12 sec. Early career; Operational Research; British Rail Engineering Inventory Control; traffic forecasting for small bore version of Channel Tunnel; development and implementation of Operational Research Computerised Allocation of Tickets to Services (ORCATS); sectorisation made possible; Serpell Report; challenged by British Rail (BR); forecasting passenger train loadings and revenue; introduction of Class 43 High Speed train (HST); Age of the Train advertising; InterCity service modelling; move to Network SouthEast (NSE) as Economic Survey Officer; change in passenger loadings; London and South East travelcards; Central London Rail Study; Thameslink; Crossrail; Monopolies & Mergers Commission (M&MC) inquiry into NSE; monitoring passenger satisfaction; second inquiry; Service Route Manager; negotiating with Southern Region management who delivered service; interface between General Manager Southern Region and NSE; Organising for Quality (OfQ); Sub-Sector Planning & Marketing Manager; Head of Strategic Planning NSE; train operating units (TOUs); Office of Passenger Rail Franchising (OPRAF); structure; liaison with BR and Department for Transport (DfT); development of Passenger Service Requirement (PSR) policy; Save Our Railways; passenger transport executives (PTEs); fares regulation; Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC); Rail Settlement Plan (RSP); fares and franchising; subsidy; types of franchise bidders

Michael Lee interviewed by David Wharton Street (session 1 of 2)

Oral Histories