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Company records of Beyer, Peacock & Co. Ltd
Beyer Peacock & Co Ltd

This series consists of two volumes which maintain a record of all the progressive numbers used by the company. These volumes are numbered 1 and 3, there being no volume number 2. The volumes are ordered numerically by progressive number and for each number the following information is recorded; stock number, what company had placed the order, where the completed order was sent, when it was tried in steam, when it was delivered, and any remarks. In the later volume (MS 0001/ 3/ 445), instead of recording the date the engine was ‘tried in steam’ there are two separate dates given, one for when the’ boiler tried in water and steam’, and one for when the ‘engine tried in steam’.

At the front of each of the volumes is a record of how many engines were made each year and what the totals made by the company were. The later volume (MS 0001/ 3/ 445) records that up to 31 Dec 1920 5997 engines had been made in total.

1890-1920 is not covered.


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