Letter from Robert Stephenson to his parents

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Letters from Robert Stephenson to his parents
Stephenson, Robert

A letter from Robert Stephenson, Mariquita, dated 11th June 1826 addressed to his parents, Mr George Stephenson, Civil Engineer, Newcastle upon Tyne. He states that he is finding it difficult to communicate across the country and he has not received a letter for 8 months, which he believes is due to letters being detained somewhere along the route to him. He goes onto say that he is trying to persuade the board to allow him to return to England early. As well as this he says he is getting the area ready for the arrival of the miners, who are having difficulty in traversing up the river Magdelena. He also comments on the news that has just reached him of the collapse of 'Goldschmidt's house and the decline of the Colombian Credit' which had been causing much concern in the Colombian government. He comments on a proposed railway being built between La Guayra and Caracas and hopes to leave South American in three months, traveling back home via the United States. The letter closes with his complaints about the lack of society in Mariqita and his missing home.


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